The Matrix Resurrections

R 2h 28m In Theaters: Apr 14, 1992


Detectives Cerreta and Logan investigate the shooting death of Tim Chong a brilliant physics student who was in the running to a national scholarship. He was gunned down just outside his school. His friends Katie Silver and Carl Borland were with him just moments before when he had been harassed by Asian gang members. Tim had been a member of the gang for a very short while but the police find that it's a dead end. They subsequently learn that Carl's mother, Marian Borland, was highly protective of her son who was Tim's only competition for the prestigious scholarship. When they get evidence that Mrs. Borland lied about the time she left work, she and her eldest son Randy are charged with murder. ADA Stone has to get a conviction without a murder weapon after the gun used in the shooting is ruled inadmissible.

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